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Leroy Velasquez

Leroy's Story

Leroy was born in Denver, Colorado on January 12, 1975. He went to Horizon High School and graduated in 1993. He went on to earn his bachelor's degree in 1999 at Metro State College in Arts Behavioral Science. He then earned his Master degree in 2007 in Arts in Education Administration and Supervision. Leroy went on to teach at York Middle school and then on to Vantage Point. At Vantage Point he taught Social Studies, he was Dean of Students and ending his career as the Vista View coordinator. He was in education for 17 years. Leroy coached high school football for Alameda, Green Mountain, Thornton High school and Charters of Academies. He coached High School basketball for Thornton High School and Horizon High School.

During this last year while battling cancer Leroy coached Horizon High School basketball from home. Leroy's passion was his coaching as he was an amazing athlete growing up. He inspired many kids and they looked up to him as an amazing role model. He strived to make every student/athlete he knew, to succeed to be their best.  Leroy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer in Fall of 2013.  He passed away in the Summer of 2016. He fought hard every day to spend every minute with his family. 


The V-Strong golf tournament is to bring everyone together and celebrate Leroy's memories.  Golf was one of Leroy's favorite passions.  All proceeds for this tournament will go to Leroy's daughter Leah for her college education. Leroy was an advocate for education, and with him passing too soon, he was not able to save up for Leah's college education.  Leah was 6 years old when her dad passed away from cancer. This tournament will share great memories of her dad and the love and passion Leroy had for his little girl.

Thank You! 

The Velasquez family expresses deep gratitude for the unwavering support and love shown to Leroy. We are profoundly blessed to have such incredible friends and family standing by us. Leroy is dearly missed, and we believe he would be immensely proud and thankful for each and everyone of you! 


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